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The lucky winner of our Sab-bar-tical competition, Jack, has been undertaking a road trip across the UK this Summer, attending a range of fun-filled events across our pubs. Read below to see how he got on at this one! 


Upon arrival at The Blacksmith Arms Henbury, Macclesfield, we were welcomed by the Bombay Sapphire Cocktail expert duo of Jeff and Roberto. After chatting to the guys for a while, we decided to get down to business and try some of their speciality cocktails. First up Roberto recommended trying the ‘Secret Garden’ Cocktail which used their new limited edition ‘English Estate’ Gin. It was a Gin, Ginger and Apple infused drink, super refreshing with a hint of spice coming through from the ginger ale.




Next up it was Jeff’s time to shine, pulling out the ‘Ice Infusion’, a G&T with the exclusive Bombay Sapphire peppered peach tea ice lolly. As it melted it mixed with the G&T to make a wonderful peach tea cocktail. At first glance, I thought this may have been more of a visual gimmick rather than a tasty cocktail, how wrong I was. On a hot summers day sitting in one of Greene king’s many beer gardens this would be exactly what you should be ordering JUST BRILLIANT.





Last but not least we had the DIY ‘Stir Creativity. This is a G&T where you create your own Bombay sapphire Stir Creativity glass by painting with their special Geranium flavour edible paint syrup, this was a super fun idea that got you hands on and totally involved in the whole cocktail making experience. Madison gave it her best attempt with a swirl effect glass which Jeff then made a mean G&T to add to the DIY glass. Another brilliant concept and taste, it definitely showed the time and effect that went into making the perfect summer cocktails. The event was really enjoyable and it was great getting too know all the ins and outs of Bombay Sapphires great selections off cocktails and gins.




The Whole Gin Experience Included;

Session Overview
Brand Introduction
Introduction to the 2 x gins with a tasting session
1 x full serving
Questions from the guests
Stir Creativity glass painting


We will definitely be keeping an eye out for more tasting events coming up in Greene King pubs in the future!


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