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In recent years gin has found something of a renaissance which is hard to miss for anyone that has visited a pub in recent times. Once known as 'mothers ruin', gin was extremely popular back in the 1700s before numerous factors put paid to the craze. Now back with a bang in recent years, the vast increase in choice, better tonics & changing drinking habits have lead to Britain's new found love of gin. 


With the increase in options surrounding gin, choosing the right combination can be difficult whether you are gin-ius or a botanical novice, so we have put together a few little pointers to help you be-gin. 




Before you start pouring make sure you have chosen the perfect glassware to serve your gin! The best choice is the balloon glass as it traps all of the beautiful aromas and botanical flavours of the gin and improves the tasting experience. The large size allows for the addition of the ice cubes and garnish added later too.




Adding large ice cubes to your drink helps to keep it cool without watering down the drink. The idea is to make the drink chilled and more pleasant to taste, without diluting it with water.




With many people the quantity of the gin is not considered to be an important factor with many just taking a guess at the correct amount when pouring, with a tendency to put more in than necessary.


Taking a more considered approach can significantly influence the taste of the drink, and help to make it smoother and tastier. It is recommended that for every one part gin there should be three parts tonic.




Choosing the right tonic can be the difference between ruining your drink and providing an exceptional taste experience. You should always look to match the tonic to the gin that you have chosen.


 In short, a gin that is complex, or subtle complexities can be paired with a simple, clean tonic. For punchy gins that have more dominant flavours you will have success pairing with a more complex tonic. If you are looking for more balance, par a bitter tonic with a naturally sweet gin such as floral, liquorice or sweet citrus, or sweeter tonics with drier gins.


Cool, now you have decided on which tonic to go for there is one other thing to mention, don't shake the tonic before pouring! When tonic water is shaken it breaks the bubbles and causes it to lose its refreshing character, so take it slow and you will avoid this mishap.




Just like the tonic, the garnish you choose for your drink can also considerably affect the drink, so you need to be careful to combine the correct garnish with your gin. 


If you are drinking a gin with citrus notes, you can add citrus fruits such as lime, orange & grapefruit, if you are looking for more floral characters you can add lavender, rosemary or cucumber. 


As a general rule you should check the gin description which should help to guide you to which garnish will be the perfect accompaniment to your G&T.





However, you like your gin make sure you enjoy it in the right way! Not only is the choice of gin and tonic crucial to a refreshing G&T, it is important to ensure it is perfectly served too. That's why at all Greene King Pubs we have introduced our Perfect G&T Guarantee. If it’s not perfect, we'll replace it!