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The lucky winner of our Sab-bar-tical competition, Jack, has been undertaking a road trip across the UK this Summer, attending a range of fun-filled events across our pubs. Read below to see how he got on at this one! 


Arriving to an already full assembly hall an hour before the event had started I KNew this was going to be a good one. On entering the pub, we were given very our own lab bible/Strongbow t-shirts.


The first floor as you walked in was full of games like a huge connect four and life size Jenga set, these seemed to go down a treat as I don’t think I saw them not being played with the whole night.






Up a few steps onto the next floor we had the bar and the buffet, I will use the term buffet very loosely as this was a banquet fit for kings there was literally everything you could wish for, burgers, fries, fish and chips, chicken wings, you name it I am pretty sure it was on this buffet.
Along with the T-shirt we also received a free pint of Strongbow, so over to the bar we went, and it was a dark fruits for me and an original for Madison.





The final room and the biggest was were the stage was set up with a large screen with Strongbow, lad bible branding across the back, ready for the 3 acts or should I say 4 acts to perform.


There were two great performances from the first two acts,  The first act song more acoustic numbers with a very chilled vibe however the second act had more of a RnB and Naughty’s Hip Hop style that really got the crowd going.


The third act performed her first two songs and with the third song she sang ‘Leave a Light on’ by Tom Walker, just as she hit the chorus, as a huge surprise to everyone in the building Tom Walker himself enters the stage to sing a duet.


Then he went on to do a small intimate gig and sing a number of songs and also talk about times when he lived up north and didn’t have much money, to then living the student life in uni and difference that it was from living in London being a brit award winning artist. 


This was a brilliant event, everyone seemed to be having a great time and the Strongbow was flowing even though it was a week night, I can imagine there would have been some sore heads at work the following morning.



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